Addie Smits


Addie has been coaching, training, and developing professionals for over 20 years. Born and raised in Green Bay, WI to a single mother, Addie was the first one in her extended family to leave home for college.   

This was one of her first leaps into something new and unknown. 

After graduating from UW- Whitewater, Addie chose to explore and expand her world further by spending a few years teaching in Dallas, Texas.   Ultimately her desire to be grounded led her to a 20  year career working for the YMCA as both an Executive Director and Director of Group Services.  It was at the YMCA she learned about non-profits, mission, annual fundraising, board development, hard work, and dedication.  Her background as a teacher and YMCA professional provided her with exceptional skills in communication, mentoring, empowerment, creativity, enthusiasm, and the power to make change. 

Her Jump Start

Over five years ago - Addie began her own personal Jump Start to finding and embracing her true passion.  It started with a gut feeling of wanting more despite having an already full and rewarding life.  This led to some deep soul searching.  The final piece was the sudden loss of her mother which proved just how fragile life can be. 

It was time for Addie to be vulnerable and take a new leap.  She left a highly successful, comfortable and stable career to embark on a new journey that focuses on supporting others in creating their own jump start.   As a certified life and leadership coach, Addie draws on 20 years of experience to fulfill her true passion to support others in finding clarity, connection and confidence to take their leaps and make change.   Addie uses her creative, fun and genuine personality to create a safe environment for learning, change, and growth. 

Some learnings from her journey.

  • Life is very fragile.  Know and follow your dreams NOW.
  • Learn some, smile some, and laugh some every day.  
  • You can be stronger if you put yourself first in all you do and everyone you support.
  • Be kind.  Always be kind.
  • There are no mistakes

What are your learnings and how do you want to use them to take your leap?